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Endless possibilities in gas fireplaces and more in Erlanger, KY

From authentic single-sided, multi-sided gas fireplaces or direct vent gas fireplaces, we are sure to have a fireplace that will suit your needs. We carry gas fireplaces by Heat-N-Glo, the market's number one manufacturer! These beautiful fireplaces are designed with builders, remodelers, and installers in mind, featuring all the required advantages that experts look for, such as performance, value, easy installation and of course design!

Why settle for less? Please visit our extensive showroom in Erlanger, KY and browse our wide selection of gas fireplaces and more today.

Gas logs

gas fireplaces in Erlanger, KY
Thanks to our new technology gas logs you will have a warm room and the illusion of an actual open fireplace without the mess and hassle of hauling wood. If you love the look and feel of a fireplace but are in two minds about fire safety and expensive wood purchase, then consider this new and popular option.
Gas logs provide the comfort and beauty of a fire but with maximum ease, efficiency, and economy. They also radiate heat back into a room twice as efficiently as wood and cost half as much as wood would cost you.
These gas logs will have to be seen to be believed, so visit our showroom in Erlanger today!

Gas heaters

Gas fireplaces and heaters in Erlanger, KY
Our gas heaters will keep your house and backyard patio warm, without the need to chop up or purchase firewood.
Heat your house or patio with ease, safety, and reliability at a fraction of the cost thanks to our indoor and outdoor gas heaters.
Visit our showroom today to check out our great range and decide between an indoor or outdoor heater - you'll be happy you did.
Turn every spacy of your home into a toasty warm enclave.

Gas grills

Woman relaxing in front of gas fireplaces in Erlanger, KY
There is nothing like the smell and taste of food coming off a gas grill. Here at Cincinnati Gas Lite Company in Erlanger we can make this dream come true with our range of grills.
Enjoy a restaurant quality sizzling stake in the comfort of your home.
We offer grills in a range of designs, built of the finest grade and of course weather-resistant materials. We carry top of the range Ducane branded gas grills and great value gas grills from Broil King.
Our gas grills are by far the best value for the money. Visit us today and let us help you decide which grill best suits your needs.
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